Lilom Resort – An Oasis in Anilao

When circumstances are just, well, way different as hoped and it’s the much-awaited holiday, a simple break will do. Not that this is an idea of “settling”. In fact, there are moments when it’s what we needed. Discovered a little gem in Anilao, Batangas and tried our luck for available rooms on a Holy Week. Well, Universe was on our side and we got 3 for the holiday!

Most of us would opt for a white sand beach so Anilao is not exactly on the top list. But because most of us, my friends and I, are at point in life when what we just need is a place for a “break”, Lilom Resort gives exactly that.

With 7 rooms, 5 of which directly face the ocean and a beautiful garden, this is an oasis! This is one of two places in which I don’t feel missing out just by staying and lying – a place that wants you to do just that.  In which I don’t have to make decisions like where to eat because the resort has got all this covered. Believe me, small decisions we make on a daily basis can exhaust so by also taking a break from this can rejuvenate us. From lunch, afternoon snack (and even a cocktails), dinner to breakfast, they are all tastefully done. Few of our favorites were the grilled tanigue, sinigang, bruschetta, suman and kapeng barako. Even if we have a vegetarian in tow and a semi-vegetarian if I can actually call myself that as I don’t eat chicken and beef anymore, the resort was accommodating with our special request. Their vegetarian pancit was good, I have to say.

As for the rooms, they are discerningly put together (and clean!). I like how they use materials like anahaw, tikog, bamboo and the likes for that more natural look and feel.  I even stayed in one which opens to a verandah that receives the sea. Decked with hammock, mat and a small table plus a bougainvillea that happily dances along the ocean breeze, what an absolute delight!

And to add, staff is wonderful 🙂

Can I have more of this please?

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